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Social Responsibility

Opening the Doors to an Egalitarian Future 

ChildrensStrong believers in Egalitarianism, we take it upon ourselves to contribute towards unlocking the doors to a Future of Equal Opportunity. For this, our team is constantly on the lookout for new ways in which we can enrich lives and make a difference to our community. 

Following is a gist of the various initiatives undertaken by us on a regular basis:

Sponsoring a Positive Direction for the Youth of India 

By apportioning a part of the amount we receive from each tour, we assist in getting the means, from those who have been fortunate enough, to those who were not that lucky. Sponsoring a community school in a village in Rajasthan, our involvement does not stop with a simple transfer of funds.

Our team makes sure to visit the school on a regular basis, and offer special encouragement to outstanding students with prize distributions on occasions such as Independence Day, the Annual Day, Diwali and so on. To ensure good hygiene standards, we have also funded the construction of separate toilets for girls and boys.

For further encouragement of brilliant students, we have an ‘Annual Monetary Assistance Program’ in place for exceptional achievers, with a fixed quota for female students. The fixed quota has been established to remedy the reluctance of locals to educate their girl child.

You may also contribute in more ways than one to the development of this school by volunteering to teach, or be “hands-on” with ongoing projects. Your assistance will be appreciated with a Certificate, as a memento of sincerely making a difference to someone’s life.

Besides sponsoring the school, we also take pride in funding the education of the children of our office assistants and domestic helpers.

Empowering the Girl Child 
While the urbane families of India are impartial to the girl child, there are still many who view her as a burden. One of our various novel initiatives includes hiring only such drivers who have daughters. Not only does a regular income ensure that these individuals can easily educate and support their girl child, but also fathers are known to be more cautious and respectful.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint
We, as Indians, and as a company have great respect for the land we walk on. For this, besides supporting various environmental causes, we observe the following practices to reduce our carbon footprint :
  • We keep our fleet of vehicles well-maintained, and ensure that all the ‘Pollution Under Control’ Certificates are renewed in advance.
  • We do not use generators, but have invertors for power back-up.
  • We have consciously been making a move towards using more of emails, thereby reducing the role of paper.
  • We consciously use ceramic cups and glassware to serve beverages, instead of disposables.
  • Wherever possible, we use recycled material and even use both sides of the paper to print, in order to make our tiny contribution to the health of our planet.

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