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Guest Name : Dr Ricardo Ronderos and Friends
Nationality / Country : Argentina

Namaste Puru!

I am from Argentina, La Plata, and I have just came back from a amazing experience visiting India and Nepal
This was an excellent trip!!! Compass services were great, over our expectations!
All people involved, managers, drivers and spanish spoken guides were superb!
The main issue was the public relations guy Purnendu who was always concern about our trip and enjoyement.
I have to tell any body that i should repeat my experience in other areas in India and Nepal with Compass.

Thanks Compass for the excellent time lived in India and Nepal

Please let me know if you organize travel to other countries in Asia.

Dr Ricardo Ronderos and Friends

Guest Name : Megan Dees Friedman
Nationality / Country : American

I worked 2 months a year in New Delhi for 7 years. I loved it. Before that, starting in 1975, I had spent at least a month every year in Mumbai. In those years, I made a number of friends in Delhi and was eventually quite familiar with the city

For the past 20 years, after re-marrying and retiring from the Design business, I no longer worked and had not returned from India in 20 years

I have wanted to travel to India with my husband since my retirement 12 years ago. But I had always hesitated because he has some mobility and health problems. My husband, born in 1936, suffered a heart attack and a stroke 15 years ago. He had been a partner at a top law firm in NYC and a scholar (manqué) of history and languages. But he is somewhat frail and I was concerned about quick and easy access to a top hospital if there were any problems while in India. I also wanted to find a way to have a Private tour and have a tour guide who really knew Indian History and could accompany us everywhere.

So I again reached out to Durjay Sengupta, founder of Compass. Durjay arranged a perfect tour for us that was personalized to my husband's needs and interests as well as to my deep and detailed memories.

We arrived at the magnificent Indira Gandhi International Airport in the early hours. We were greeted by a young man who escorted us to a gleaming new black SUV, manned by a driver. Durjay had told us that his plan was to put us in the "new" five star hotel, The Leela Palace. So I expected that is where we would be going from the airport.

We approached South Delhi from the airport, I soon realized as we passed Lajpat Nagar and the flyover near Sundar Nagar that we seemed to traveling along the same route I used to take to the magnificent Mid-Century Modern hotel where I had stayed for 7 years of working in Delhi, that would be the Oberoi. So it was after 2 AM when we rolled up the drive to the front of, yes, the Oberoi. My heart was pounding with emotion. When we stopped, the tall elegant door man, in astonishing full livery, from Turban to sash to the classic Churidar (Jodhpur type) military pants stepped out and saluted us. Sunil our guide for the our tour leapt from the SUV with our devoted driver and each helped my husband, Jack, carefully down to the ground where the doorman quickly took over seating him gently into our travel wheelchair.

Amazingly, for the hour, the assistant manager of the Oberoi, Ms. Mona Singh, was waiting for us decking us with garlands of traditional saffron colored chrysanthemums and smeared tikka blessings on our foreheads. She said to me, "Mrs. Friedman, welcome. We have a surprise for you. We have your old room, 630, ready!". I choked up and actually cried. How did they know that I had always stayed in that same room 2 months a year for seven years?

I am now sure I had mentioned it in passing to Durjay when I had first contacted him 12 years before when he had first started Compass. At that time I had considered having Durjay arrange a honeymoon for Jack and me but got cold feet about whether or not it might be risky for Jack and had cancelled the honeymoon. Apparently he had kept track of all the details of our conversations since that time years before.

This thoughtfulness arranged by Durjay and the staff at the Oberoi is an example of the detailed and high level of personalization achieved by Compass and their exceptional staff throughout our tour.

We stayed in Oberois from Delhi to Agra to Mumbai, always in the most gorgeous over-the-top stunningly beautiful suites. The Oberoi in Delhi was about to undergo a giant modernization of their rooms, but the ground floor lobby and the 360 restaurant had already been restored and refined to the mid-century elegance rivaled only by the iconic 4 Seasons Restaurant in New York. The charged atmosphere that takes place every morning at 360 reminds me of another NYC landmark, the home of the "Power Breakfast" held at the Regency Hotel on Park Ave, where all the powerful politicians and movers and shakers in New York meet for breakfast each work day morning.

This same vibe can be found at the 360 restaurant at the Oberoi. There we ate superb breakfasts and many dinners amid Members of Parliament, top journalists and the high society of India. It is not so much a tourist hotel as it is a gathering place for diplomats, heads of state, the wealthy, powerful and glamorous of India. And it was always my former "Home away from Home".

The tour with Sunil guiding us was wonderful. He was so knowledgeable and intelligent. He knew Indian history well.

So thank you so much, Durjay, for introducing India to Jack and re-introducing a new modern India to ME. No one could have done a better job.

Of course, Jack wants to return to India again this year!


Megan Dees Friedman
New York City, USA

Guest Name : Arlene R Ustin
Nationality / Country : American

First, I feel privileged to have visited your country and to be in your care. In summary, I describe India as a place of awe, colors, and bewilderment; a culture millennia years old and wrestling with modernity; a cherished philosophy with values of nonviolence, enlightenment, tolerance, and harmony and yet a seemingly disregard for human life in poverty; and with the opportunities that change can bring as well as its angst. To the extent that I can put aside my western lens, I recognize the human dilemmas and contradictions as being similar to those in the U.S. if not worldwide. Before I left Florida, it was reported that 50 million people in my country go to bed not knowing if they will have food tomorrow...

I count us most fortunate to have had Devi as our official guide. We could not have been an easy group to accommodate with our personal requests, changes in itinerary, etc., although he said we were! Without hesitation, Devi attended to every detail immediately with aplomb - without judgement, with appropriate humor, and he is unbelievably unflappable. He was always professional, endlessly patient, so knowledgeable about India, and understanding. He is a wonderful person and you are lucky to have him in Compass.

The additional guides were excellent, especially the ones who escorted us in Varanasi, Mumbai, and Aurangabad.

Every driver we had was extraordinary! I am ever grateful for their talent, attentiveness, courtesy, and professionalism. I experienced a place where driving is more perilous than in south Florida!!

My accommodations were excellent and the staff in each hotel and restaurant were respectful, courteous, and friendly. The food was excellent - I never felt so healthy as when I was in India. I am fussy about nutrition and have made changes in my diet since I've been home!

Highlights for me were visiting the Ganges, seeing a tigress and her cubs at Ranthambhore, and being at the Ellora and Ajunta caves. Moreover, I had a treat in Delhi my last night in India: we met a lovely couple at the Ajunta caves who invited me to their home before my flight home. My wonderful guide (sorry I cannot recall his name at this moment) came with me. Instead of a farewell, I enjoyed a welcome, have new friends with whom I have already emailed and spoken.

I cannot wait to visit India again, and hope to see the southern part too. And many thanks for facilitating an adventure that has already become for me a lifelong interest.

Arlene R Ustin

Guest Name : Sarah Cross and Paul Adams
Nationality / Country : New Zealand

Dear Compass,

Sarah and I would like to thank you for organising such a wonderful trip to India. I will admit when we first booked we had some trepidation going with an India based rather than European firm but we were exceptionally happy with our decision and would strongly recommend your service to others. The drivers were excellent and the guides were too. The advice and guidance on hotels and activity selection were likewise excellent. The service and support provided was great – we never felt isolated or alone and always knew help was easily obtained via the mobile phone you provided us. When there were little isolated issues (very infrequently) the staff promptly fixed and sorted them out for us which we greatly appreciated. We both enjoyed ourselves immeasurably and have recommended your service to a number of our friends and colleagues.

Kind Regards

Sarah and Paul.

Sarah Cross and Paul Adams
New Zealand

Guest Name : J. Byron Mullins
Nationality / Country : American

We had a wonder time in India and our experience with Compass India was outstanding. From the initial inquiry on-line through the whole trip your company was very professional.

I looked at several companies prior to booking with you. Primary reason I chose Compass was the basic suggested itineraries were there like the others, but the trip could easily be customized with Compass.

Hotels: The service at the Claridges was outstanding. I thought this would be my least favorite but because of the service, we all like it best. The Fairmont was a beautiful hotel but the service was awful. Two of my travel buds could not wait to leave. I checked reviews on TripAdvisor and think our experience may have been isolated. Thank you so much for the ocean view room in Goa. We loved it!

Guides and drivers: Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. (The pick up to the airport in Goa was late and we literally had to run to catch our plane.)

Itinerary: Perfect.

A few things really made your company stand out: The professional appearance of your representatives was impressive. (There was only one person holding a sign in a suit and tie at the airport on our arrival and it had our name on it. Seems silly, but immediately gave me confidence in you guys.) Providing a mobile phone with the number in advance was terrific. Advance names and numbers of people helping me on the trip instilled peace of mind. Regularly checking in with us was nice. Everyone was genuinely interested in assuring our happiness.

I had not expected someone to meet us at the airport for our transfer from Mumbai for our international flight home through Delhi. I cannot remember his name, but had he not been there, we would have missed our flight. In fact, I think he was more concerned about this than me. We owe your company and him a big thanks. He was outstanding. (Helpful hint: Airports in the US do not require a printed itinerary to get into the airport thus we did not have one when arriving for our departure home. You may want to pass this along to your future customers to bring this along.)

One final note, I felt I received great value for the price of the trip. I intend to post an excellent review of Compass on Trip Advisor (you don't see to be very well represented there). If you would prefer me to post elsewhere or act as a reference in anyway, would be happy to do so.

Would definitely use your company again for future travel. Thank you for a job well done.

J. Byron Mullins

Guest Name : Nancy Struve
 Nationality / Country : American

Many thanks to you and the other travel specialists at Compass who offered us an outstanding visit to India. We appreciate your flexibility in tailoring the itinerary to our interests, specifically the inclusion of Bharatpur for bird watching and Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. The hotels were excellent. Lebua Lodge was memorable in its design and location and the Oberoi Udaivillas was way beyond anything we could have anticipated in elegance and luxury. The restaurants offered attractive, sometimes dramatic, settings and the meals were consistently delicious.

Most important, all of our guides were excellent--knowledgeable, articulate, and engaged. Aman managed to communicate the mystery of the ghats, so even as Westerners, we felt like we acquired some understanding of the ceremonies that we observed. Devi was a delight. His leadership provided structure with flexibility and he helped tie together our many and varied experiences. He was always cheerful and very patient in answering our many questions.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Compass to any of my friends considering a tour of India.

Nancy Struve

Guest Name : Rick and Lynne Bronson
Tour Taken :  Customized, Luxury Rajasthan & Classical India Tour - 23 days 
Nationality / Country :  Australian

We wanted to write and send a big thank you to everyone at Compass India who made our journey through India so fantastic. All the detail you worked out with us in the preceding months was just perfect, and there wasn’t one part of it we would have changed.

From the very first hour when JD met us at the airport and Sipi drove us to the hotel, everyone we met contributed to ensuring the trip went with clockwork precision. The Compass felicitation person was always there to greet and farewell us, and the guides provided were all good. Some we developed a closer relationship than with others, but that is just due to different personalities – they all did their job very well. The person we spent the most time with in India, and who we hold very dear, is Sipi. We enjoyed his quiet sense of humour during the 16 days we were together, and even though English is not his strong point, and he is not a professional guide, he certainly guided us through our journey with far more than his excellent skill as a driver. We very much appreciated his care and consideration.

Our return to Delhi felt a bit sad as we felt our trip was more or less over, but all the surprises you had in store for us made our last few days in Delhi just exceptional. Compass’ generosity in arranging for JD to take us to Oh Calcutta for lunch was a big thrill. We also enjoyed coming back to the office and talking about our trip in person with you all. Telling our friends at home about our experiences will be different because they haven’t experienced them, but being able to share our excitement and our queries with everyone at the office was special.

We must say a special thanks to Jasvinder for her generosity in inviting us to go back to her home with her for tea. It was so kind of her to share her family and her experiences with us, and to teach us a little of the Sikh culture, of which we had little experience. We loved Jasvinder’s bubbly personality and sense of humour, and the warm hospitality of Jasvinder and her family was a very special part of our Indian journey.

Thanks once again to you and to Compass India for everything you have all done for us. We will cherish the statue of Ganesh to whom we will credit all future prosperity, the beautiful scarf which is exactly the right colour for me and the turban which we have hung on our wall with our travel souvenirs.

We look forward to planning our trip to Bhutan, Kashmir and southern India with you, but will take Compass’ advice to leave it until after the election, so we can be more confident of safely travelling to Kashmir.

Warm regards,
Rick and Lynne

Guest Name : Mr. Frank DeAlessandro and Mr. Howard R. Orlick
Tour Taken :  Golden Triangle Tour of India with Kathmandu - 10 Days
Nationality / Country :  American

We recently completed the 10 day Golden Triangle Tour of India and Nepal and wanted to take this opportunity to provide our comments and observations for your consideration and possibly for the consideration of future travellers with Compass.

To begin with, we would recommend this tour unqualifiedly, but with the understanding that it is physically demanding in terms of the number of cities visited and within each city, the sheer number of “must see” sites. It is true that we had complete control over the itinerary and could have spent time at the hotel pool, but we surely would have regretted it later.

As with any tour, it is the local representatives who will make or break the experience. Compass has the best! From our arrival at Delhi to our departure for home, we were always guided by courteous and competent people. Our drivers in India and Nepal were professional and seemed to be able to navigate the unbelievable traffic with ease. Our vehicles were large and comfortably air conditioned. The city guides were friendly and very well versed in the history and culture of the area. They also helped us to locate and purchase some specific items for family members. Finally, to round out the total experience our Compass friends hosted several dinners with entertainment at local restaurants.

A brief mention should be made about the hotels. They deserved their Five-Star rating and indeed, several were cultural sites in their own right.

Obviously, the highlights of the trip were the Taj Mahal and the Mount Everest flight, followed closely by the elephant ascent and the Rickshaw ride through Old Delhi. But the many mosques, temples, shrines, stupas and forts, each with its amazing architecture and history, combined to make this a trip of a life-time.

In conclusion, we offer our personal thanks to Durjay for his friendly advice and encouragement. 

Frank De Alessandro 
Howard R. Orlick 

Guest Name : Christian Bussard
Tour Taken :  Customized Tour to India - 23 days 
Nationality / Country :  Switzerland


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have chosen COMPASS for my trip to India...

I will definitely recommend COMPASS, spread the word around me and I have let our staff travel office know about you...

My journey went on very smoothly, thanks to your staff, your representatives, your guides and especially your driver KRISHAN, he has been my good angel (that what we say in Europe) and it has been a real pleasure to see him again, every morning... a privilege to be driven by such a safe, competent, professional and charismatic driver... 

They all have done a very good job and please extend my gratitude to all of them...

Hotels : 
- The Number One, the Pal Haveli in Jodhpur, excellent location and quiet, full of character and its lovely roof top restaurant

- The Number Two, the Bundi Villas, for the same reasons (by the way Bundi is worth the detour, lovely place and nice people and nobody bothers you in the street, a very peaceful little town) 

- The Number Three, the Usha Kiran Palace in Gwalior and the Samode Palace (magnificent buildings, set in lovely gardens, quiet and peaceful, excellent staff, very good chefs (the food was just superb)...

The staff (everywhere) has been very kind, helpful and polite, with a great sense of hospitality...

Your guides are very friendly, competent, they all know a great deal about the places they show you and it is always nice to hear the story behind the story... making the visit quite pleasant or even funny...

The train ride from Delhi to Varanasi was very nice and interesting (I share the compartment with a very nice and friendly Indian family) I was very pleased with it...

Thanks a lot for the good job...


Guest’s Country: United States
To: Varsha
Subject: Thank you.

Dear Varsha,

My friends and I want to thank you for arranging our trip to India. We had a good time and appreciate getting to know your country and the people.

I would like to give you a report about our experiences. First, the Compass representatives who met us at each city were polite, courteous and quite informative, especially Shailesh and Devi. I appreciated the care they extended to us; especially Mrs. Brown who was on oxygen during the whole trip; and me (at 87) having difficulty walking and climbing steps.

The guides were also tops at what they do and again especially Yatin. They were considerate and worked with us as there were times we just couldn't do what was expected. I found them very respectful and kind to us.

The driver (Murari) was again most courteous to us and helped us as much as he could. His driving was excellent and you know how difficult it is driving in your country. He was careful and superb how he managed.

We enjoyed the sights we saw and of course the "Taj Mahal" was spectacular.

So you can see we had good feelings about your service and the people you have representing your company.

Once again I extend my thanks.

Bob Hefler

From: Juan Antonio Vecino & Marta
To: Varsha
Subject: Thank You

Hi Varsha,

Firstly I want to THANK you, from the bottom of my heart for everything marvellously done on our trip.

From our arrival at the airport, until we left for Spain, we were always perfectly attended to. Special Mention to Minu, our chauffeur, a delightful gentleman and moreover educated, and more importantly very calm and patient (a thing much needed on Indian roads). The guides (phenomenal and I know you choose them especially), and all the representatives / people delegated in each city we visited were very much there for us. I must tell you that Marta cried on 3 occasions with emotion, on arrival at the Hotel in Jodhpur, on arrival in the Udaipur Hotel (she didn’t imagine that we were to stay there), and on stepping into the boat on 30th August. It was such a shame that there was a sudden burst of rain, but this is destiny, and I only felt for the hotel people who had worked so much in this preparation. We finally did a little launch ride which was closed to see the spectacular fireworks and finally dined in the hotel which was marvellous (we forgot the rain). In the Hotel, the staff was very kind and helpful especially receptionist Fenil, who helped us in everything, right from the sari preparation of Marta until even the change to the SUPER SUITE. The Hotel told us that as they could not celebrate the dinner (the way it was arranged) they will give us a 20% on the dinner, but we wanted to leave it as tips for the personnel, and finally as they had worked anyways.

Well I also want you to know that we have been recommending you to our friends, so that before deciding any trip not only India they should contact you.

A Hug and we’ll keep in touch.

Best regards,
Juan & Marta

From: Mr. Patrick Torrent Queralt & Neus Casals
Tour period : 27th August 2011 – 3rd September 2011
Destinations covered :Delhi – Varanasi – Agra - Jaipur

Hi Vaishali !!!
How is everything with U??? We are very good!!!

Still with the memories of our fantastic Vacation!!! Honestly we have all remained very enthusiastic with your country, not only us but our daughters too….think this will be one trip that we will remember and remember lifelong!!!!!

Yes, we went to Bembi 4 days after returning from our trip!!! We were missing the food!!!

Let’s catch up one day and I will narrate our trip and our experience!!!

A hug,
Neus ,Patrick, Aina,Berta & Mireia

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